Friday, July 14, 2017

Starfish Pillow with Matching Quilts

 Starfish Pillow resting on a nautical quilt.
You never know what will come out of my sewing room.
This pattern was on my to-do list for months and I
I finally thought of two little girls who just might
love this as an addition to their bedrooms.
 If you haven't guessed the pillows were made for
our neighbors two grand children.  Little did I know that 
they would be visiting today so I finished everything just
in time to delivery down the street.
The back of the pillows are the same.  I loved the look of
the starfish pillows on our bar stools so I'll be making
three of them just for us.
 Matching nautical quilts for the girls.
I picked fabric for the back that was not nautical and
was little girl cute.  From what I understand the girls
sleep with the quilts I made them every night and
they even packed them to take to Ocean City on
vacation.  That makes me happy.


  1. Sweet pillows. I bet they loved them

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