Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Power Sewing Monday

 I was so tickled with the way my last holiday quilt
turned out using this pattern I decided to make another.

 With the entire room at Juleps disposal she picked the
quilt I'm working on to take a nap.  The second photo of Julep
was taken when I was still adding rows.   This is the
finished layout and I was ready to sew the blocks
together to make rows but I let her sleep [of course].
 I spotted our neighbors baby sitting the two grand kids
and I decided to give them both a quilt to take home.  I had the little
girls quilt already done but needed one for a 5 year old boy.
 How to make an airplane fabric was perfect for him
so I went to work and did some serious power sewing
yesterday.  I finished up around 9:30 last night and took
them over this morning.    
 As cute as Derby is sleeping on the airplane quilt I was
in no mood for cuteness last night after power sewing.
Those strips started to blur together after a while.

 The finished quilt minus the westie.
 No time for any additions to the back.
In between the start of the holiday quilt and the finishing
up of the airplane quilt I finished up a set of 4 place mats
that will going in a westie rescue auction in August.


  1. You are amazing at how fast you can put thee together. I bet they loved their quilts

  2. You amaze me with how many quilts you produce! Love the quilts for your neighbor and of course love Derby sleeping on it. Your place mats are darling; I just finished a table runner top for Fall, but need to machine quilt it. With my new machine, I've gotten more done in the last two months than previously.
    Hope you can rest your eyes tonight.