Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Finished Sewing & In Other News

 This is the complete set of 'A Walk in the Glen' table collection
that I donated to a combined Westie rescue auction.  This auction
will benefit the Tennessee & Great Lakes rescue groups.
Included:  1 table runner, 4 place mats, 6 napkins, 2 mini-stuffed terriers
 and 1 bag of Walker's shortbread cookies.  
 Julep is laying on a quilt I started for one of our neighbors
grand kids.  The blocks [cream and red] are from a pre-cut
 kit I purchased on-line [on sale].  I added the red/green snowflake
 blocks to make it a usable size.  It's nice to have the top, back, and
binding done so that it's no rush to complete it.
 Starfish Front
My sister and I are headed to the ocean next week.  She will
be driving here next Monday after work and we will be headed
out first thing on Tuesday morning.  I'm renting a friends ocean front
condo for two nights at a reasonable rate.  As a surprise I'll be
leaving this pillow and a small nautical quilt.
 Starfish Back
Debby & I don't really care what the weather is because we have two plans -
one if the weather is nice and one if the weather is rain.  But one
thing is for sure ... we'll be eating pizza on the boardwalk at some point!
 Look how creative Julep was in re-arranging the pillows.
The little princess is going for her senior physical on 
Thursday morning now that she's 9.  It is recommended that senior
dogs get a vet check twice a year.  Heck, I don't even get
a check-up twice a year ... but only the best for the princess.
 Derby will go next month for his senior check at the age
of 8.  Did I mention that dogs are considered seniors at 7.
Pillowcase Sets 
This set [and the set below] will be given to my vet on
Thursday.  His daughter [Grace] will be starting her first
year at Cooper-Union art school which I believe is in
Brooklyn, New York.  This is my contribution to her
dorm room and was actually leftover fabric from when
I made Daisy [our grand daughter] pillowcases.  
I call this set of cases:  I love to paint.
In other news ... on Saturday we went to a big birthday party
and I ate something that didn't agree with my little tummy.
I'll spare you the details but I was out of commission all day
Sunday and half of Monday.  Now I'm finally starting to 
feel like my old self.  
We just read Vonda Shephard [for those that remember
her from Ally McBeal] will be performing at the Rams Head
in Annapolis on November 1.  We have seen her before so
I'm waiting for tickets to go on sale to see her again.
As crazy as this sounds I've booked us on another Smooth
Jazz Cruise in February 2019.  I'm hoping to upgrade our
cabin in a few months to something bigger than we have
booked for the 2018 cruise.
The grand daughter {Daisy} is getting ready to start her
second year at Parson's in NYC.  She will not be going
into a dorm but she and a room mate have rented a
7th floor walk-up apartment.  I'm not sure if I can make
it up 7 flights to visit!  She is looking to buy furniture
for the apartment and I have a feeling she will stay 
in NYC in the future.  Hopefully, we'll get up to see
her when the weather cools off because I don't think
neither one of us would be happy being in the city
this time of year.


  1. That's a nice package you put together for the auction. Hope you and your sister have a great rime next week

  2. COOKIES !!!!!!
    I just love dos short bread cookies. I have to hide dem from Mom or she'll eat dem all.

  3. Hold on. Is this a blog about quilting and Westies?! I quilt. I have and love a Westie puppy. I feel right at home!

  4. Enjoy your beach trip with your sis! The Westies love to supervise you in the quilting room, don't they! It always makes my day seeing their sweet faces!