Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Around The Backyard

 Yesterday afternoon Wilson and I went out back with our
camera's to take photo's of our row of wild flowers.
 It's sad we didn't see a lot of Monarch butterflies
passing through this year.
 I think this plant may be ragweed which is not a good 
thing to have in your yard if you have allergies.
 The debate is still on about putting in another small garden
in the open space ... we shall see.  I still want to go out
along the path behind the row of yellow flowers and take
a photo of our house from that angle.  Maybe that will
help us make up our minds.
 I don't know what these are.  If you do, please let me know.
 This is our neighbor's wildflower wall.  I asked Scott how he
got his flowers so tall and full and he said fertilizer ... & I said ... oh!
While the bag of seed come mixed with fertilizer to get them
started I never thought about adding more when they started
to grow ... so next year I will remember to do this.
 Frank and Sailor taking a walk along the path.
 Sailor loves Wilson and he started to give a little howl when
he saw him.  It was so cute.

 Sailor is a rescue and in a previous life he was a racer
at one of those greyhound tracks in Florida.

 What a find at BJ's!  Loved the bright color of this mum plant.
I'll find mum's with a more traditional color for the front steps.
It's fun to decorate the front with mums and pumpkins.
That's it for today ... signing off from St. Michaels, Maryland.


  1. What a beautiful yard you have! I have been trying to water, but getting eaten by mosquitos-ugh. Our yard is small but easy to manage, now that we are getting older. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie, your wild flowers are beautiful. However, my husband says those white flowers are not ragweed. Yay! It almost looks like a type of Queen Anne's lace. At any rate, it's lovely!