Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Around The House

 Wilson left early this morning for a board meeting at the
Writers Center in Bethesda so I got much accomplished -
this [in part] is contributed to getting up early.
 A few days ago I mentioned I was working on a quilt I 
named Jungle Love.  That top went together super quick. 
Now I'm using the leftovers [plus another piece I had from that line]
in the top you see Derby walking on.
 I love this photo!  Last night I glued the flat back
pearls and crystals to the quilt my sister wants to give
her mother-in-law.  After all that work I didn't want to fold it
so there she hangs.  The boxes next to Derby hold my
collection of Xmas fabric.  On the shelves are plastic tubs
marked by size.  These are for leftover scraps I cut into
blocks.  This is in preparation for donating to the next
quilt show and boutique sale in 2 years.

 Simple borders around the tree panel.
 The back of the tree panel quilt.
Sample Block 
Yes, I'm starting another bird quilt!  This fabric came from 
my trip to Lancaster.  Will try and get the other sample block
done on Monday.  
 A small part of the bell collection.  The majority of bells
are on the opposite side of the fireplace.
 They are down for the count.
Bottle brush trees are back in style.  I remember them as a kid
but never cared much about collecting them until now.