Friday, January 12, 2018

Little Dogs & a New Quilt Top

 A Facebook friend asked me if I would make her a
few of the mini-stuffed terriers.  She wanted to share
them with her girlfriends ... so I did ... with pleasure.
 Purple and burgundy were the colors of choice.
While these are not the colors I primarily use
I did have a few fabrics that would work.

 Derby is now sleeping behind my shoulder while
I'm writing this blog post.
 These are 3 of the fabrics that Vanessa sent me to 
work with.  While the main part of the lap quilt is
done I still need to add a border on the top.
 This [when complete] will be named
"For the Love of Cosmos"
 The baseball dog is for my friends grandson.
Julep ... don't bother me with that camera flash.

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  1. On my computer screen the first two dogs looked like chocolate. Maybe I'm just having a