Friday, March 9, 2018

Finished Projects

 I made this set of pillowcases for our guest room in
anticipation of Carol {Wilson's daughter} visit 
in the spring.  While they won't be staying here
because we don't have the space I think Daisy
[who is in NY at Parson's] and her boyfriend
will be staying with us.
 The tulip fabric was found on the free table at a guild meeting.
 I made this set for our doctors nurse who squeezed
us into the schedule when Wilson had strain 'A' of the flu.
 This quilt I started before the cruise and I just mailed
it yesterday to Texas to my former bosses wife who
moved there with her daughter after he passed.

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  1. You are simply amazing with all you do. Not only do you work fast but everything you make is fabulous.