Tuesday, March 13, 2018

 Bunny time is almost here!
 A new pattern I wanted to try using a jelly roll [that is 2-1/2" 
strips of fabric usually from one designers collection].
 The fabric with it's soft color tone is geared for a baby or
 young child.  I like the cute bunny and squirrel prints
which are really hard to see in this photo.
 I incorporated the left over strips into the back.
 Julep - after dinner nap.
 Howdy Lil Lady by Moda Fabrics.
 Howdy Lil Cowboy by Moda Fabrics.  
Moda has about 12 different little dolls and I'd like to
make all of them [over time].
 Each doll has it's own quilt and small pillow.
 It didn't take me long to sew little hearts between the squares.
The dolls have their own pony on a stick.
Thanks for checking in, Katie


  1. The fabric you used on that bunny in the first picture is perfect. Those dolls are adorable.