Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Early Morning Visitor

 Usually at 6:30a.m. I'm turning over in bed to go back to sleep
but this morning I woke up and got up.  It's amazing how much
more you can accomplish in the day when you get up early.
 This deer is why our 3 hydrangea bushes are not doing
well.  They keep getting 'pruned' by this solo deer.  

 Spot the deer in the meadow.  The westies didn't
see the deer but the deer certainly saw me.
 This is the Paddington Bear quilt I made for a Facebook friend
that is expecting.  She picked the fabric, sent it to me
and let me decide on how I wanted to make it.
 There wasn't enough fabric for the back so I took some
out of my stash to finish it.  She was happy with the outcome.
 Don't remember if I posted this or not but ... this was the
stocking I donated to the Christmas in July FB auction
benefiting Westie Rescue Southeast.   The final bid for this
stocking brought in $25.  The quilt I donated which 
was made using Xmas fabric brought in $85.  I felt
good about these amounts going to the rescue group.
 I may glue on a few more embellishments before I sent
it off to the winner.  
 Last week while I was in Annapolis getting dog food I ran
into a Facebook friend.  We had never met and it was
fun chatting.  She had her Sealyham Terrier with her
and I really liked her dog.
As a random act of kindness I sent her a quilt with this
set of matching little dogs.

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