Monday, June 10, 2019

Greetings From Sunny & Hot California

 Me - Wilson - Sarah
Before leaving BWI they had to pull a guy off the plane. 
That meant his luggage had to be found in the cargo hole.
He stated loudly he could have put a bomb in his case and
that we should sue the airlines - what a nut-case!  
That incident took 45 minutes but being in first class we
were comfy.  I felt knew we were going to miss our connection in Dallas
-- we did.   There was zero help from American Airlines - 
no hotel voucher, no food voucher but they were kind enough [NOT] to 
re-book us in first class but in coach the next morning.
We were NOT happy and will request our money back.
It was a miserable flight from Dallas to Ontario, California.
Wilson got stuck in the middle seat and I got jammed into the
window seat.  From there we went to our hotel which was okay.
 We basically lost one day from our visit with
Sarah.  The grandkids - Kaitlyn & Cole had dinner
with us the first night but it was off to spend the 
weekend with their dad.  We didn't have time
to even take a photo of the kids.
 The next day we had a tour of Lake Arrowhead and
Big Bear which was about an hour drive from 
Sarah's home.  Here boyfriend John came along
and we had a very nice time getting to know him.

John, Sarah, Me
After 2 nights with Sarah & John in Upland we drove
to Pasadena to meet up with Carol and her family on
Sunday afternoon.
Carol & the gang came over to our hotel. 
Everyone had bathing suits and swam in the pool.
After that we hung out and went to the
Terrace Restaurant for dinner.
Front Lobby 
The hotel we are staying at is the Langham Huntington.
It was previously the Ritz Carlton and while we do
recognize some of the hotel decor the new owners
refreshed many of the areas.
 I did not bring my camera so all the photo's are
taken with my cell phone.
 Around the Langham.
 Serving tea

 Private dining in the wine room.  There was another
wine room directly across from this one.
 To the right ... the garden terrace restaurant.  It was nice
last night so we had dinner outside.
 The pool area was packed yesterday afternoon.

 We like staying in the pool side rooms instead of the
main hotel building.  These rooms are just a few steps
 from the pool and Terrace Restaurant.  Also available
are villa's which I have not seen. 
Today is extremely hot and I'm not happy
being outside.  Casey's graduation is tomorrow 
evening at 5:30pm and that is outside ... so I'm
not happy about that either.  On Wednesday we
are off to Las Vegas for one night at the Wynn
then it's back home to the eastern shore.

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  1. WOW, that was some start you had to your trip. It looks absolutely beautiful there. I probably wouldn't like all that heat either. Enjoy the rest of your trip