Monday, July 15, 2019

Things For Baby: Mini-Crib Sheets, Soft Blocks, Taggies & a Quilt

 As much as I sew and love fabric I had no idea there was such
a thing as a "Baby Bolt" of fabric ... until now!
Crib Sheet #1 for a Mini-crib 
The lady who sends me fabric is expecting her first child [a boy] 
so I thought it would be nice to make her a few crib sheets.  Since
this is something I haven't made I searched Pinterest and realized
there are different size cribs and mattresses.  Thank goodness I didn't
assume she was going to have a standard size crib for Colton
because they have a mini-crib.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  
 Crib Sheet #1

 Crib Sheet #2
This is the fabric from the mini-bolt Jennifer sent.
Colton's room [baby's name] is decorated in a woodland theme.
 Julep wants to know if squirrels and bunnies are
considered woodland creatures.
 Crib sheet #3
 Crib sheet #4
I ordered more of this fabric because it's still on sale
for only $3.99 per yard!
 This panel is part of the new collection I just started to work with.
It's called "Woodland Wonders."
 While I didn't see this panel for a baby quilt I did see
it as soft baby blocks and baby taggies which are 
pictured right below.

 This is the rest of the "Woodland Wonders" collection.
 Since there was leftover fabric from the baby bolt [after making
the mini-crib sheet] I made a baby quilt to match the sheet.
Jennifer also sent me a collection called 'Jot Dot' in fat
quarters.  I chose colors that would compliment the 
woodland fabric and I'm happy with the outcome.
 While the back of the quilt is fabric from the Dear Stella
line at least Jennifer can post photo's of the
front for marketing their line of fabrics.
Leaving you with sweet Julep dreaming of 
running free and chasing woodland creatures.


  1. I never heard of a baby bolt and had no idea there were different sizes of crib mattresses. I'm out of the
    Love all the woodland themes here.

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