Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas Decoration's Around The House

 Hey ... what is Santa going to bring me this year?
 Decorating with fishing line and left over ornaments. 
 Today I spotted some really beautiful ornaments at Pier One.
I plan to see if any are left the day after Xmas.
 I found my childhood train set while 
cleaning out my mom's attic.
 The train is perfect in this spot so this will be the official placement
from now on.

 It's hard to get a good photo of the tree.  I'll try
again at night while it's lit.
 Bells are polished and looking festive and pretty.
 Fireplace mantel.
I made this to go over the top of our mailbox.  It looks very
nice and so far has held up in various weather conditions.
 The dining room is decorated and ready for a party.
 Dining room window ledge.  Hard to see but I have tiny
red lights running through the white branches.
My love of bristle brush trees.  It's becoming harder to
find different ones to add to my collections.

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  1. Everything looks beautiful. I love the look of the ornaments that you hung with fishing line.