Thursday, December 12, 2019

Red Rock Reflections from Blank Quilting

 This is the quilt top I made with the left over fabric
from "Red Rock Reflections" from Blank Quilting.
 Close-up of the blocks.
 Actually, this is the quilt I sent in photo's of.  While I'm not normally a
fan of the southwestern style I admit I do like this a lot.

 Close-up of the bottom blocks of the quilt.
 With the left-over left-overs I made place mats and napkins.
 4 place mats & 4 napkins

That's it for today.  
We are busy trying to straighten up the house for the pet sitter.
Wilson and I are headed to New York City on Saturday for a
few days.  This is his belated birthday gift as well as our
Xmas gift to each other.  

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  1. I like the quilt. With that truck on it this would be a good one for a guy. You did goood with the leftovers and the leftover leftovers. Have a great time in New York City.