Sunday, May 31, 2020

Misc. Things

 Julep is on the last I Spy quilt that is going to Outreach.
 The westies always like to be on my fabric ... and ...
I always want to buy fabric!  I would call this a win-win.
 Rubber Ducky
I don't remember if I posted this top or not.  It's simple 
8" blocks using three different fabrics.
This is also going to Outreach.

 Tooth Fairy Pillow Inserts
 I decided the tooth Fairy pillows needed a small message
inside of the tooth pocket.  Found this on Pinterest and
I just re-typed in a small font to print out.
A Sample Tooth Fairy Pillow 
Michael Miller Fabrics has some of the best designed
fairy theme fabrics.  This one yard of fabric was
in my stash for about 4 years - but not anymore!  
The first pile of tooth fairy pillows ready to be placed in zip lock
baggies.  Even though the school doesn't need them
until the fall of the year I wanted to get them done.   

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  1. Those little pillows are adorable. What a great idea too. Makes me wonder how much digging my parents had to do back when we just put the tooth under the pillow.