Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Garden Flowers & Napkins & Placemats

We still can't believe all the blooms on this lily plant.
Twelve Napkins
I only had enough fabric to make 6 placemats so I 
had to order more yellow fabric to make two more.
These will be sent as a surprise to Wilson's daughter
Sarah and her family in California.

Julep looking for yard bunnies.

From a few days ago ... now all the blooms are open.  

The Limelight Hydrangea are sending out their flowers.
Glads in bloom.
Julep ... if you're hot why don't you go inside?
I broke down and ordered two thistle seed feeders
instead of using the cloth sock feeder.  The finch
birds seem to be happy with my choice.

1 comment:

  1. All your flowers are pretty but those lilies are drop dead gorgeous.
    Love the napkins and placemats, such pretty colors.