Monday, July 13, 2020

National Parks Fabric

 National Parks by Riley Blake Fabrics
This is the National Parks quilt I will be gifting to my primary
care doctor.  It was easy to make but did take some
calculation on sizing the five side blocks.

Six placemats made with yardage with two sets of napkins. 
There was enough leftover yardage from the placemats to make a
simple table runner.  Natural wooden buttons were added for accent.
 I ordered the Rocky Mountain National Park panel for fun.
 During my last trip to JoAnn's I picked up a 20" pillow form.
Since I'm not an expert pillow maker this may stay in
my sewing room and not go with everything else.  We'll see.
I normally don't pay full price for any fabric but this panel
was the exception.  I ordered 5 panels thinking I can make
them for donation to westie rescue auctions.  It's rare
to see a westie on any fabric let alone a panel like this one.
Julep's thought ... it's about time they printed me on fabric!

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