Friday, August 14, 2020

Masks & Some Fishy Things


Do Not Disturb
Derby looks pretty darn comfortable on his pillow.

Last night I pulled fabric for the masks for The Child's Haven
I'm sending two sizes for the kids.   The fish mask is for Palmer.
He is the grandson of Rebekah [who is the lady I send all the things I 
make for The Child's Haven to]. 
Masks for the teachers.  
The first set of masks I sent TCH several months ago had ties which
are far more work.   I'm happy to have a stash of elastic for these.
Rebekah sent me pictures of Palmer's room and on one wall he has a 
fishing net with the 3 flat fish I sent him before.  It looked a little sad with
only 3 fish so I made the ones above to add to his wall decoration.
Palmer is telling everyone he's wants to be a marine
biologist when he grows up.  He is only 5 but seems pretty
darn set about his path in life.   I know he will go
crazy over the fish, mask and pillowcases.
Have a nice weekend and be safe out there.

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  1. Palmers fishing nets will look great with all those fish. I like the masks and the pillow case too