Monday, September 21, 2020

Backyard Landscaping

Frank [our landscaper] who we've known for over 20 years decided
this project was big enough to bring out the heavy duty
machinery.  Thank goodness he did because to move that
mound of bed dirt would have taken lots and lots of man hours.
That's one thing about Frank's crew is that they work
 and they work hard.  Frank isn't the cheapest landscaper
here on the eastern shore but I can guarantee things
are moved and re-planted perfectly.

There was one plant we just didn't have room for and that was
our beautiful Thunder Head Pine.  I believe one of the guys
took it home for his yard.  That makes me happy. 
The Thunder Head Pine is what you see in the 
middle of the bed that Frank is working around.
All planted and mulched.  We may stick a few more plants
in the bed when spring arrives but what we have in there
now will fill in nicely.  I did get 3 packages of spring bulbs to
plant and will hopefully get that project done this week.
I love this bed being closer to the house.  It's simple
but adds interest to the yard when looking out from the house.
Our view from the back porch.
The vanilla strawberry hydrangea plant flowers are starting to turn.
Being closer to the house it's nice to be able to see them.
The landing strip!  We had Frank do a single strip
of tilled earth to mark our property line.  Wilson ordered
two different blends of wild flowers which have all
ready been put down.  We have our fingers crossed they
will winter over and pop out in spring.  I had the crazy idea
of planting a row of daffodils as a marker of our property
line until we decide what we want to do permanently.
Berries of the Winterberry bush.
The ginkgo tree ... we are hoping this one makes it.
An interesting fact in case you didn't know ... a ginkgo 
tree drops all its leaves in one day.
I went looking for mum's and rescued the last 
cone flower plant from Lowe's.  Fall officially starts tomorrow!