Sunday, September 27, 2020

I've Been Busy!


I've been busy and the Blogger platform must have been busy as well. 
"It" would not completely load my photo's even after Wilson
shut down our entire system and re-booted it.  After several
days of trying to do a blog post this morning it finally gave
in and let me post.  
For Katie
Our vet has the dreaded Corona virus as well several
of the vet techs in the office so I decided to make all the girls a
small quilt.  There are 4 techs and one receptionist so this 
project kept me busy all week.  Katie's parents live in our
development and I know she loves horses.  This is a panel
I purchased for like $2.95 which was a steal!

For Molly
We've know Molly for over  20 years.  She would come and
take care of my cats when we traveled.  Towards to the end of
life she would come over twice a week to give Ruffles IV fluids.
 Molly loves French Bull dogs and I made her pillowcases
with Frenchies fabric several years ago.

For Amanda

For Michelle
I don't know Michelle since she is relatively new at the vet's.
I just picked something I think she would like.

The holiday quilts are being mailed to my cousin's wife {Lori}
to give to their 3 grand daughters for Xmas.

I love this nutcracker fabric because it's so perfect for
a child's quilt.  There was enough fabric for me to make
two quilts which I assume will go to the two sisters.
I did put a different style border around the nutcracker
block as well as different back fabric so the girls would
know which one was their's.

Notice the blocks are framed differently.

For Judy
This is a new pattern I tried using a jelly roll.  I did show
the beginning blocks a week or so ago.  It came together with
ease with the help of a special ruler to cut the squares. I'm
tempted to give this pattern another try since it's a nice
way to use a full jelly roll of fabric.
Last but not least is a simple quilt top made for Outreach
to finish and pass along.  In an attempt to keep my leftover 
fabric from various other projects down to a minimum
this is a great way to accomplish that.  


  1. You amaze me with how many quilts you continually make and give away. What a precious gift to encourage your vet and the staff. I haven't had issues with the new Blogger in regards to photos, but now when I click on my reading list to visit friends-like you, it directs me to another place. Why couldn't they have the program do that. So frustrating. Have a good week and stay healthy!

  2. Wow, so many beautiful quilts. They all look great but my favorite is the one with the snowmen. What a sweet thing to do for the vet and the techs. I'm sure the quilts will be very much appreciated. Not only are you talented but so generous, gifting all your quilts.

  3. Do you like the new Blogger platform, Katie?