Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Spring Sunny Sunday

 The sun is shining, flowers are in various stages of blooming
 and the swimming pool is open super-early this year.
Wow ... I was busy last week!
 Derby catching a nap as well as some rays.
 I filled Wilson's bird feeder with seed just trying to use it up.
When there is food in it ... there are sciuridea on the ground.
 Watching every move and barking up a storm.

 Here it is ... the Sciuridea scrounging for seeds.
 Pretty pool - icy water.
 I made this tote bag for our real estate agent's grand daughter
{Alice} who loves American Girl dolls.  Hope she likes it.
 I'm still working on spring doll clothing.  I want to make my
mailing cost worth the effort.  Since these dresses weigh next to nothing
I want to get the most out of my $6. shipping cost.

 Can you tell I enjoyed making this pattern?

 Skirts take next to nothing in fabric & time to make.

So that's it for today ... a short and sweet post.  I actually
took today {Sunday} off from house work and various cleaning
projects just to sew.  I have to say it feels really good to relax.
I could technically 'milk' this relaxing excuse all week 
since it is my birthday week & you only turn 39 60 once.
Monday {as unfortunate as it is} I'll be back to the old grind
of getting the house ready to sell.
Have a great week ahead everyone.


  1. Glad Spring has sprung at last. You should take the week off. Go on afterall it is your special week, Happy Birthday to you, Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. pretty spring clothes. Yes, I believe you do need to extend the relaxing through your birthday

  3. oh,I love the pool and the lake view, so pretty! I pictured Alice smiley face when she sees the tote.

  4. SIXTY!!--I had no idea! Enjoy the week and the rest of "birthday month".