Thursday, February 20, 2020

Wolf Quilt & Xmas Stockings

Would you believe I found this $70 wolf quilt kit on sale
for $19?  This was such a deal I purchased two kits. 
I'm making this for my doctor. He and his family 
like to vacation at national parks.
I remembered I saw a fabric line with a national park theme. 
Finding the line was no problem but finding someone who 
still had it in stock was.  Apparently this national park line was
very popular with quilters.  While I had to pay full price 
[which is something I try my best to stay away from]
my order should be here in the next day or so.
 Meanwhile back at the sewing room ...
I've started Xmas stockings for the kiddo's
at The Child's Haven.
 I kicked then up a notch this year by adding pompom
trim around the cuff.  It takes me longer but I've got
plenty of time to get them done.

I'm half way done and had to stop.  I ran out of trim.
I'll keep an eye out and wait for a sale at JoAnn's.

In the meantime ...
I've pulled some really cute horse fabric from my
stash to make a few simply quilt tops.
These will be going to Outreach to finish.


  1. That's an awesome deal on the quilt kit. The stockings all look great

  2. The wolf quilt is super-cool, Katie.