Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Low Key Day


Monday was a yucky weather day and everyone was
in a sorta low-key kind of mood.
Derby ... wake me up when spring arrives.
Sunday I did a quick trip into Baltimore to give my 
sister her birthday presents.  This quilt was one of them.
I made it with her new guest bedroom in mind.
The back of the quilt fabric is called Winter Shimmer.  
It's from a flat fold purchased in Lancaster.  
It's hard to see in the quilt [front] photo but the cream
fabric is also Winter Shimmer - it is a tone on tone fabric.
The 2nd rocket ship quilt top is done.  I used a
darker blue on the block top and bottom.  This quilt
will be finished and mailed to Jennifer in South Carolina.
I happened to spot her FB post about a new group
forming that specifically helps new young mother's
 in need.  This includes emotional support as well
as items needed to raise a baby.  As of now there are 2 girls.
One is having a boy at the end of May so this will go to 
her with flannel burp cloths.  Of course they have links to
items you can purchase for the moms via Amazon.  
Back fabric for the rocket ship quilt.
While I purchased the rocket ship fabric and the red fabric
above it is from Henry Glass.   This is one of the 
companies that Jennifer represents and one that I
was Brand Ambassador for.  While I don't know
how many mom's I will help I thought it was a
nice thing to do now to get the group off
the ground.  The organizers plan to take this
concept international.  


  1. I agree with Derby completely.
    Happy Birthday to your sister.
    What a great idea for a facebook group. It's not easy just starting out.

  2. How wonderful to help Mom and babies. The red back is an eye catcher.
    Sweet William The Scot