Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Bunny Making Time of Year!


It's that time of year when I pull out the bunny pattern and
make bunnies!  This bunny [and the cutouts below]
are from the Nana Mae V fabric line Jennifer sent.  
Waiting to be born or another way of saying it is ... waiting
for me to sit down at my machine and sew them together.
Bunnies from other fabric.  I need more wide ribbon!
A very tiny bunny that's the size of my palm.
The reason Derby is blurry is because he was ready to
drag the basket of bunnies away.  Little stinker! 
I don't know how many bunnies I've made so far but I
know it's a bunch.  Bunny making is a great way to make something 
really cute as well as use leftover pieces of Easter fabric.
Happy Spring

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  1. I've heard that bunnies multiply quickly and here is the proof :) These are really cute.