Sunday, May 16, 2021

This and That


I've had this shell and seahorse panel for about a year and
finally decided to go thru my stash to find fabrics that could go
with it.  I'm not planning anything fancy just simple
borders so I can move it out of my sewing room.

Decided to do some simple sewing with leftover fabric.
This is already at Outreach for the next step
in the road to completion.
I'm finally getting down to the bottom of my box of kid 
theme fabric for I Spy quilts.
The first attempt.
A Facebook friend asked if I could try and make her a
top for her grooming table she uses at dog shows.  
While she sent me a picture of a top she liked [as well
as the dimensions] I wanted to come up with something
a little different.
On both sides are two 10" pockets and in this first attempt
I did simple quilting around the main body.
After the first attempt it dawned on me to go to JoAnn's
and buy some pre-quilted fabric and work from there.
Using pre-quilted fabric was easier and quicker. 
She was very pleased with what I did plus
[in my opinion] this looks much more professional than
the original photo she sent.
The pockets on each side of the pad are to put
brushes and misc. grooming equipment in.  I'm hoping
she'll send me a photo when she goes
to her next westie show.

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  1. It would be interesting to see how those covers work on the grooming table. I like the ones you did. The quilted fabric looks great.