Sunday, July 18, 2021

Little Peepers & Express Tracks Final Photo's


Last night I finished sewing a baby gift set using the
"Little Peepers" collection from Henry Glass Fabrics. 
This is a 2-ply flannel so it's very durable and soft.
The gift set include: 2 bibs, 3 burp cloths, 2 soft blocks, a baby
quilt, a monthly watch me grow quilt and a small fabric basket
filled with 2 big bunnies, 1 tiny bunny, 1 tiny bird, 1 tiny dog.

I have to say I'm not fond of working the flannel unless
it's for pillowcases.

Express Tracks collection of fabric from Blank Quilting.
Wilson was my quilt holder in this photo. 
This one will be finished later in the year.
The center blocks were originally a panel of 9 train blocks.  I
wanted to make something different so they became placemats.
I only had enough fabric to make two matching napkins.
Additional napkins will be made later in a gray fabric.

These turned out nicer than I thought and look great on my table.
I'm officially done with my last shipment of fabric.   It's now
time to go back to sewing little kids quilts for Outreach. 
I also pulled out my fleece from storage and cut 200 small 
neck scarves for kids in need.  Will be sewing the
  Made by Bayside Quilters labels on them.  I figure they
won't need them until the October time frame so I
can do a little here and there.

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