Friday, July 23, 2021

What's Going On


My newest sewing project is a simple block made from a
fat quarter package of batik fabrics I purchased awhile back.
It was time for me to change my ironing board cover to a
clean one ... but not yet!

This is going with all the flannel baby stuff I made.  I asked 
Dara [who is my nephew's girlfriend] if she knew anyone having
a baby boy.  She answered 'yes' and said a friend is
expecting in September.  I want to make a few more things
so they will have a nice bag of new baby gifts to give
when they come back from Hawaii.
I was trying to think how these got into my sewing room.
The panels either came off the free table at a guild meeting or
one of my Facebook friends sent them to me.  These will put
aside with all the other stuffed animals until Chris wants to
pass them along - probably in the fall.
A nautical themed baby quilt I finished up for Outreach.
The plan this weekend is to work on the batik blocks
until I can't stand it any more!