Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Piles of Fabric!


Just the Blues {fabric that is!}
A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from my quilt guild 
saying a member passed away [from Covid] and that the
estate was selling everything in her home ... including
all fabric and various other sewing and craft items.

Originally, I deleted the e-mail {I really wasn't interested} but
 a week later I woke up one morning thinking about the fabric.
 While I was drinking my coffee that morning I sent an
e-mail inquiring about the fabric and the cost.
The answer was pretty much immediately and so I arranged 
to go over to the house and see what was there ...
bins and bins of fabric sorted by color.  
I asked the cost for the entire lot and it was reasonable 
after some negotiation.  They were so thankful I took
all the fabric since they didn't have to deal with people 
buying a few pieces here and a pieces there.   This would
have been very time consuming went you're 
trying to sell the entire furnishings in the home.
What I came home with was leftover odd pieces from various 
projects.  That's ok since I'll be using these fabrics for
Outreach charity quilts.  There were just a few yard+ fabrics
in the stacks so I think the 2 ladies who got to the sale before
me must have purchased the yardage.
In the score of fabric I also got 3 complete quilt kids,
2 Xmas pencil pine trees {I collect these} ...
and this Spartina 449 {never used} carry all which sells
new in stores for about $49.00 I got for $10.00!

So with all the pounds of fabric, 3 quilt kits, 
2 Xmas pencil pine trees and 1 Spartina 449 carry 
all the total was $200.00 ... I got a real deal!

In case you're wondering what in the world am I 
going to do with all that fabric ... I've been through
every piece and half of the pile of fabric has already 
been given to a group in Trappe called Granny's Quilters.
Shirley and her mom {who is 92} came by last night to pick
up the bags ... they were so thankful and so full
of positive energy it made me feel good to give
them this fabric.


  1. Wow what a good deal you got.

  2. K., you are the best! No doubt that Ann is looking down and smiling. I’m sure she is delighted her “stuff” went to a good home.