Monday, October 4, 2021

Update From The Sewing Room


For the 9 year old boy.
One of my neighbors down the street and around the corner has 4
grandkids.   Sharon baby sits the kids from time to time.  The
youngest is 1, two kids are 3, and the oldest is 9.  I gave her
four Halloween quilts for the kids and I asked her
if they would like quilts for Xmas - the answer was yes!
These are the quilts I finished for three of them.  I have fabric
pulled for the girl which is in my sewing stack of projects. 
This one is for the one year old.
For the 3 year old boy.
Outreach Completed Quilt #1
Since I couldn't get the lid on my box of my 6" x 2-1/2" blocks
it was time to make a few charity quilts for
Outreach.  These simple quilts are very time consuming. 
Outreach Completed Quilt #2
Outreach Completed Quilt #3
I put together several panel quilt tops in between this
and that projects.   I thought a long-armer could have
fun quilting this which would turn out so
much better than I could ever do on my Bernina.  
Oh, those smells ... an obsession
Derby is obsessed with anything that comes from
Chris for me to work on.  For example, sewing
labels and bindings on already quilted quilts
that were handled by other quilters in the guild.
This last batch Chris gave me Derby went particularly 
nuts over so I had to finish them right away and
put them back in the garage.  One quilt he tried
to pull off my sewing table while I was sewing on
the binding.  When that didn't work he decided to
step on my foot that was resting on the sewing machine
 pedal which made the machine sew faster {I'm
lucky I didn't sew my fingers together!}.  
Derby knows there are more quilts from Chris sitting in the
garage  ... they will stay there for a few days while I finish up 
a few other projects.