Thursday, October 14, 2021

Easy Layer-Cake Quilts


This is the book I've been pulling patterns from.
As the title indicates these are easy quilt to make. 
The first pattern I tried.

The second pattern made.
This quilt is made from fabric I purchased at the
estate sale.  It has a 'scrappy' look.  There are so many
small pieces of fabric from the estate sale sitting on my
shelves you will be seeing a lot of scrappy quilts in the future.
The third pattern.  I really like this one.  I just started to cut fabric
for another one.  This one will be something I'll work on between things.
This is a pattern layout that gives you flexibility in how you
lay out the blocks.  I originally put the blocks the way
the pattern indicated but then decided they looked better
in an "X" pattern [as seen below].

... Other Simple Quilts Completed ....


Quilt without Julep!

Completed and ready to pack up.

All the quilts shown in this post are headed to Outreach to
distribute to those in need.



  1. They're all great; the slice of cake one is fun! I like the rectangles because they really look like slices of a three layer cake!