Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sewing for Outreach


This is a collection of fabric from the estate sale and will
become a 'scrappy' quilt for Outreach using the layout below.
The sewing of this quilt top was finished last night.
I pulled the backing fabric from my stash so it's on
my stack 'to be completed'.
Some of the small Christmas stockings.
Sewing for Outreach in 2021

I can't think of a better and more worthy cause then 
the guild's Community Outreach program.   

Chris is this groups fearless leader.  She keeps tabs
on who needs what, makes the distributions of all items
plus she stores all donated items.
 Not to mention she keeps all donated fabric and
quilt kits that need to be made up.

My Donations 2021
I feel these numbers are pretty accurate but I
may have missed an item or two along the way.

Tops w/bindings [for others to finish]:  47
Completed Quilts [ready for distribution]: 59
Easter Bunnies [stuffed]: 16
Pillowcases:  17
Fleece Scarves [for kids]: 202
2-1/2" Scrappy Binding:  Bags of it!
Placemats: 13
Table Runners: 9
Stuff Animal Pillows:  23
Stuffed Small Birds:  3
Stuff Small Dogs: 3
Christmas Stockings [small]: 334
Christmas Stockings [large]: 2

In between projects I've worked on countless completed quilts 
others guild members have made that needed bindings
made, attached, and then returned to Chris for distribution.

On a side note:  
Derby goes nuts sniffing the quilts that come from others. 
I would love to know what goes on in his brain when sniffing.



  1. What a wonderful feeling that must be to be able to donate all those things. Your contribution is quite generous.

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