Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sewing Away


Several weeks ago I purchased a new book on simple and quick quilt patterns.
This is one of the patterns in the book.  
Work in Progress
The beautiful oriental fabric with gold accents was in the
massive stack of fabric I purchased from an estate sale.
The cream with gold print is from my stash.
While Julep is napping on the back fabric for this quilt
this floral fabric is also from the estate sale.  
The backing fabric I found on-line for $3.99 per yard.
That's a real deal considering the rise in price of
fabric over the past year.
The holiday table runners went to Outreach to donate to a school
fund raising event.  
The 3 pillowcases {I'm missing a photo of one of them} 
are slated to go with the 4 quilts to my neighbors grand kids.

Two fall table runners.  One went to my mom and one
went to a neighbor.


  1. everything looks wonderful. You've been busy.

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