Monday, May 23, 2022



The Sarah Bernheart Peony
This peony was named after the French stage actress.
It happens to be my favorite peony.

This is the second year in the ground for this peony
and the one below.  I need to check the plant
 tags for the official names since I don't remember.

Single grackle in our neighbors birdbath.
It's odd to see just one.
The storm last night put an end to the blooms
on the Japanese Snowbell.
Last of the iris for this year are blooming in the backyard.

The Sarah Bernheart flowers are so heavy they are drooping
over.  Lowes sold out of peony supports.

On another note from my sewing room ...

Work has begun on using my variety of 6" leftover blocks
from various projects.  These little scrappy quilts
are destine for Outreach when complete.  I'm also
thankful for the small bolts of fabric from Jaftex.
This fabric is perfect for the back of Outreach quilts.

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  1. Those peonies are gorgeous. Mine haven't bloomed yet.