Thursday, May 19, 2022

More From Around the Yard


Several of the geese families with multiple babies have gone on to other places.
We have one pair that were gosling-less that are still hanging
around at my feeder.
Yarrow from the wildflower bed.
We have a ton of it growing.

The first of the pink peony has opened.
This was a new plant we put in last spring.
This is also a new peony plant from last spring as well.
The bush only produced a single flower and this is it.

Japanese Snowbell
We have 3 plants like this one which were planted several years ago.
The bushes are covered with big buds.
Sweet William from the wildflower bed.
I don't know the name of these tiny white flowers
but they are in the wildflower bed.
The other new peony plated last year.
We have one more new bush that has buds.  I expect
them to open today.

Blue Bird on a dying ginkgo tree.

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  1. Oh, I've never seen a yellow peony before. That's really pretty. I love Sweet Williams. My dad used to have that planted around his house. I used to have a bunch of yarrow before something got into the one bed and choked it all out.