Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I'm a Bandit Quilter!


My labels arrived earlier than expected [by 3 weeks]
and I'm very very happy with them!
. . . . . 
Let me explain who my newest charity quilting is for
and how I found out about this group.

Several weeks ago I read a small article about the
"Hole in the Wall Gang" and really didn't think much
more about the group.   Then Wilson read another article and
started asking me questions so I pulled up the website
and started to go through it.  Apparently, the Aspen Institute 
[which is not far from where I live] is closing this location
and dividing the property.  It's a gorgeous site with several
beautiful and functional buildings.   Anyway, the "Hole in the
Wall Gang" is getting a portion of this land ... so in going through
their website { } under
"Get Involved" I read they currently give between 800 and 1,000
quilts and pillowcases to the kids that attend the Connecticut 
camp.  When I read this I made contact saying I want to
make quilts and will keep them stored until they open
the doors here next spring.  It took a few days until I received
a reply and was told I was the 1st quilter in Maryland to
contact them [I'm never first in anything!].  
I asked a few minor questions and one of those
questions was regarding labeling the quilts.  
I was told it's up the quilter so I decided to have custom
labels made [pictured above] for my donated
quilts.  Since this order was for 100 labels 
I will commit to making 100 quilts for the kids.
{I have 20 in the works now!}
These children are between 5 and 15 and come in all
sizes with various serious health issues {the website
will explain this in detail}.
I was told there is no special size or specific pattern
to make but it recommended that no quilt be bigger than 
a twin size quilt {which is just perfect for me!}.

If you click on the link I posted above it will explain
what this group is and who the kids and families are that
they help, etc.  It's really a wonderful group.

If any quilter who reads my blog would be interested
in making a quilt for donation I will store them until
next year.  I offered this to my contact as well should
someone contact her directly from the state of Maryland.

Everyone has their own cause to support and right
now this one is mine.  If things are going well next year
then I will probably physically volunteer to do something
at the camp as well.
Wishing you a great 4th of JULY

Sincerely yours,
 Bandit Quilter
Katie Wyatt


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  1. You are truly an amazing person Katie. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are inspiring.