Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"Moonbeams and Rainbows" from Henry Glass & Co.

"Moonbeams and Rainbows" 
arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon
and I think it's really really cute.

I was sent 1/2 yard cuts of this collection
{personally I wish it was more}.

This panel was designed to be sewn into a soft reading
 book but I've got other plans for it.

I was so excited by the cuteness I took a photo to post
 on Facebook even before I pressed it.
This month I agreed to provide a sewing project from 
the Jaftex program called SIY or Sew It Yourself.
These projects are designed to encourage new
sewers to sew simple projects.  
We needed to pick a project from the website, provide
pictures of how the project is going along the way
[the picture above is cutting out the blocks
which is Step #1] and then the finished project pictures.
  I picked a quilt pattern which requires 7-1/2" fussy-cut blocks
so I'm off to the unicorn races!

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