Monday, June 20, 2022



A few days ago I was texting back and forth with granddaughter 
Daisy.  As I walked around the yard checking out the plants
I texted her these pictures.  

Our wildflower bed is now filled with mostly yarrow
and some type of invasive weed coming in from the
meadows.  Our landscaper doesn't know what it is
so he's going to reach out to a few of his friends to
see if he can find out for us.
The daisies are starting to bloom in one section and in
the mixed there are Sweet William and Black Eyed Susan.

I have been sewing a few quilts plus working on Outreach quilt
bindings that Chris dropped off.  The weather has been so wonderful
I've been spending more time outside on the porch then in my
work room.  I know this weather won't last so I'm enjoying
every second while I can.

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