Thursday, June 16, 2022

Pizza & Quilt Batting

Ponzetti's Pizza
Is as good as it gets!
My sister came down last Thursday night and we went
 shopping on Friday morning in Salisbury.  We finished
hitting all the stores on our list just in time for
 lunch at our ultimate favorite pizza joint.
Derby holding my fabric in place.
I ordered a big roll of quilt batting from Walmart for a 
great price plus free shipping.  Another quilter from
another blog posted the link so I just ordered it.
What I didn't realize is it's 120" wide x 30 yards. My
normal order is 90" wide x 30 yards.  I was wondering
why it was so heavy to carry up the steps [33 pounds].  
With this width I can get 3 tops instead of the normal 2.  
So all in all it's worked out.

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