Thursday, July 28, 2022

31 Done & Packed Away Until '23


If you ever wondered what 31 lap quilts looked like stacked
up today is your lucky day!  The right pile are the batiks for teens,
the middle are girly quilts, and the left pile are for boys.
The bowling fabric was free fabric sent to me
a few months ago.  While I had the tops done
for the required pictures I didn't finish quilting
them until now.  I was sorta torn if they would work
for the kids in the camp but decided someone
would probably like it.

Would you believe I still have batik fabric left!
I added a row of small blocks to the top and
bottom to give it a little more style and length.
So ... the other night I was pulling a few weeds from
my front flower bed {I was wearing gloves} and when
I went to rough-up the mulch I uncovered this group
of eggs.  Immediately I knew they were snake eggs
because we have a black snake who likes to sun itself 
on the stone wall ... I left the eggs in place!

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