Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sew . . . this is what's new


It's almost time for the Facebook auction to benefit the
Westie Foundation of America.  I have a bunch of stuff
to add this year - the placemats, napkins, stockings and
table runner will be among them.
Butterfly back fabric for the westie quilt below.

This quilt will be added to the Foundation auction.  In the photo [above]
you can see the westies tossed among the flowers.
Will I ever finish using my batik fabric?  While I'm getting
down to the bottom of the box I'm going to try and make 
2 more quilts.
Snow Dog Express was a collection I was sent
from Jaftex.  I did get a little carried away with the
length on this one.  It's headed to the Foundation auction.
Hard to see but the blue blocks have cats, garden tools 
and flowers in the design.  It's for the kids at camp next year.
I try to jazz up the back with leftover fabric from the front.
The backs of both owl quilts [below].
I purchased 5 yards of each of the owl prints.  They were on
sale for $4/yard.  I love this layout and may make a few more
late after I finish working with my Xmas fabric.
Yes, you read that right!
Another for the kids at camp.  I'll have to take a 
close-up of the purple blocks - they are tiny hearts in
circles which is totally adorable.
Total quilts completed for
The Hole in the Wall Gang = 36

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of quilts. You are amazing. Everything looks great. Love that panel from the snow dog express collection.