Wednesday, August 10, 2022

More from the Sewing Room

Decided to look through my 2 boxes of Kaffe Fassett fabric 
to find a back for a quilt I'm working on.  I'm in love
with how colorful his fabric is.  I've been searching
for just the right pattern to use them and the closest I
found is called 'seed pack'.  This is fabric cut to
the size of seed packets you find in stores.  Then they
are sewn together in rows.  The seed packet quilts I found
photo's of were beautiful with a lot of flower varieties.

Derby sniffing the sunflower panel.  The back fabric
underneath the panel is a Kaffe fabric but after
looking at it I'm going to put it back in the box
and use a plaid fabric instead.
Trying to decide on a back fabric for the blue and yellow 
batik quilt.  As you see I'm work on several projects at onc.
Blue/yellow batik quilt back fabric.
 The small silver metallic printed dots gives this fabric
more dimension and interest.  I found this on
the flat fold table in Lancaster.
Quilted, bound and officially done!
This was a collection of free fabric sent to me several
months ago.  It is now quilted, bound and done!
I cut the blocks from the Snow Dog Express panel
to 8-1/2" then added a simple border.
I officially added this to the Westie Foundation of America
FB auction.  It has received more comments and likes
then the big quilt [below] which took so much more time.
This is on the queen bed in my guest room.
I got a little carried away with the length because
of the block size I wanted to add to the top and bottom of the 
panel.  It's going in the Westie Foundation auction 
as soon as I measure it and write a description.  


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  1. Everything looks great. I think my favorite this time is that first Christmas quilt. That one is so pretty.
    On another note, I have to say that I love your rug. :)