Monday, November 21, 2022

Guild Holiday Luncheon & Fabric


I reached out to Scott last week to ask if he would consider
donating a few pieces of fabric to the Guild's holiday luncheon
in December.  It was an immediate 'yes, I will send some'.
I had no idea how much he would send, when he would
send it, or what would actually be in the box.
What a surprise when Fed-X dropped off the box with
all these lovelies just 3 days after my request.
I know the ladies at the luncheon will be drooling over 
the Kaffe Fassett Free Spirit dot bundles.  For those non-
quilters Kaffe is a God in the fabric industry.  His designs 
are big, bright and bold.   
A little back history ... Free Spirit decided to go out of business
several years ago.  When Jaftex learned about this they started
to negotiate the terms to buy Free Spirit.  I remember this because
Scott was on a family vacation and spent a lot of time working
on the sale.  Free Spirit has some of the top fabric designers
in the world as far as I'm concerned.  Kaffe being one of them.
Jennifer announced that Free Spirit will now be part of the
Brand Ambassador program for next year.  This makes
me so happy!
Our Guild president {Pat} is stopping by my house on
Tuesday to pick up all the fabric.  She has seen what was
donated but she hasn't seen how I wrapped the fabric. 
 I'm hoping there will be a good turn out for the
luncheon.  I'm not sure what plans Pat has for
the fabric ... maybe I'll find out tomorrow.

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