Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I Couldn't Help Myself!


Right after Christmas Hancock of Paducah had a great
sale which I took advantage of.  I ordered two
 of the cat and ocean panels.
I don't remember the last time I ordered fabric on-line
but with a sale like that I couldn't help myself!
All fabric is from the $3.99/$4.99 sale section.  There was another
20% off plus free shipping and no sales tax ... what a deal!

I could have ordered a lot more fabric but I showed some restraint.
I started working with the mermaid and star fish fabric last night.

Smiling starfish.

Most of what I ordered was 2 yard cuts but this fabric I ordered 4 yards.
I don't have much fabric that would work for little boys.
This is my favorite which I think is from Dear Stella.  
I'm so happy I treated myself to a new selection of
fabric ... it was a late Xmas gift to myself, gave
me something to look forward to plus it was good for my soul.

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