Sunday, January 15, 2023

Commotion in the Ocean from Blank Quilting


Commotion in the Ocean from Blank Quilting
I'm getting in the mood for our smooth jazz cruise
which departs Ft. Lauderdale next Friday.  My bags are
half packed but there's still a ton of stuff I need to
do ... like leave notes for the pet sitter, take my sewing
machine in for a tune-up, take my computer into the
Apple store [it needs a new battery], pick out a
new iPad [my current one is so old the software wouldn't
even up date so it just died].  I could go on and on .. .. ...
Progress shot for the quilt [below].
It's simply a 9-1/2" square with [2] 5" squares placed
on opposite corners of the block.  The trim away from
the corners I turned into pinwheel blocks.
This turned out so cute I made another just like it.
The pinwheel blocks worked perfectly along the
right side of the panel.

Everything came together so nicely - I'm happy.

I won't have my sewing machine [that could
take up to 3 weeks before servicing] and I 
won't have my computer [service could take 5 days] 
but at least I will have a new iPad to set-up. 
My iPhone will allow me to check e-mails, etc.
so I won't be totally out of touch but I know
time is going to slip right by as I count 
down the days until warmer weather!

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  1. Love that quilt. How adorable that panel is. Have fun on your cruise.