Sunday, October 1, 2023

Busy ... I've Been!


I made several fun items to send off to Jaftex to use
that are not quilts because not every sewer is a quilter.
Rag ABC letters and a fabric bin to hold them.
I love these little baskets!
"Pond Life" is the name of this collection so I spelled it out
in rag letters.  I have a few small stuffed fish I'm working on
to put in the basket as well.
Fish laundry bag was a free pattern I found years ago.
You can make the fish body using net if you want 
to take it to the beach.

Mardi Gras
I quickly whipped up 4 placemats, 4 double sided napkins
and a table runner to send off to Jaftex as well.

The table runner was easy to make.  We may just have to
have a small dinner party to use all this stuff.
We went to get our flu shots today and I spotted
 cupcake with purple icing and gold sprinkles.
It's like they knew I was looking for something
Mardi Gras to use as a prop.

Next up is ... 
"All Big Things Start Small"
from Studio E Fabrics.

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  1. That mardi gras fabric is really pretty. Love all the colors.