Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rainy Weather = Lots of Sewing Time


I don't remember the last time I saw the sun!  
It's been rainy so that means with nothing else to do outside
I've been spending hours and hours in my sewing room
getting tons of projects done.
This collection is called "Game On!" and is from Blank Quilting.
The black/dot fabric is called Jot Dot from Blank as well.
Jot Dot comes in a variety of colors ... here is a link if you would like
Next up is to re-make this pattern replacing the black with 
red.  The fabric/pattern works for a kid or adult into sports.
Cut blocks prior to sewing.  It's a simple pattern which I like.
There is an outstanding request from Scott to Fed-X him
some of our latest sewing projects.   He plans to make a
video of them and then post on various social media outlets.  
In an attempt to be creative and do other items besides quilts
I made the Xmas stockings.
The Jar Block quilt is always fun to make.
This collection is called "Pond Life" from Blank Quilting and
the 'shelf' is made from the black Jot Dot material.
Starfish pillow.  This was a free pattern I found years ago.

This is a new pattern that I tried.  It was found in an older 
issue of Block Magazine that I picked up off the free table.
The pattern size in the magazine was large.
In order to stay within the guideline suggested sizes 
for the kids at camp I made fewer blocks.
The Mail Slot pattern was taken from a book on making quilts
using jelly rolls.  I'm seriously working towards getting my Xmas 
fabric down to one bin.  The two pictures below [this one]
will be gifted on Wednesday.
Wilson is taking me to a poetry reading on Wednesday evening
in which he is going to introduce Sue Ellen.  I made her
a quilt years ago and she always tells him how much she loves
it.  The table runner is for her writing studio.
Actually, this quilt top has been sitting in a bin just waiting for 
the right time to be finished.  The back fabric is a print of
old book pages which I know she will love.

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