Saturday, January 29, 2011

Derby and His Toys!

Derby has such a cute little face it's hard to take a bad photo of him.
One some level, I know Derby knows he's cute! 
Derby plays with a lot of toys, but his ultimate, ultimate favorite one that he can't live without is the pink and green toy purse with the torn handle. 
A westie that is use to the camera. 
I dare not remove the torn handle from his toy! 

Derby carries this toy all over the house.  By the way, this toy was originally given to Julep from her Aunt Leslie.  Derby doesn't care if it's a girl toy or not ... possession is ten-tenths of the westie law!

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  1. Ok, you have one of the cutest westies I've seen...I would love to use him as inspiration for some of my paintings if you are willing.. Please go check out my website to see some examples.. and if you like.. go enter him in my contest I am having to give away a free portrait too on facebook at our hanging the moon page.. Derby is gorgeous.. My little westie is NEVER that white!

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