Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coventry School for Dogs & Their People

 A first for Julep ... tiny red bows in her hair after being pampered by Ms. Barbara.
 Derby ... my boy lookin' pretty darn good!
Ms. Barbara {Coventry School Groomer} with Julep & Derby
 Today the household was up early {see the sun rise photo below} ... because we scheduled a grooming appointment at the Coventry School for Dogs and Their People.  Ms. Barbara is their groomer and this was a first time visit for Julep & Derby.
.. Thanks .. Ms. Barbara for taking such good care of our westies ..
To learn more about The Coventry School please visit:
 Tuesday morning on Leadenham Creek.
 On our way home {from Columbia} we made a quick stop at the park in St. Michaels so the westies could stretch their little paws.
 Flowers from the garden along the park edge.

 ... At Home ... 
 Red is Julep's color!
 Derby ... checking to be sure nothing is hiding under the sofa since he left the house unguarded.
 Derby is saying ... Hey Julep-baby 
... you're one hot looking westie all groomed up ... if only you weren't my half-sister ...
 Derby ... so white, so soft, so cute!
Okay, here I go again using something called 'thermal' in Picnic on this picture.


  1. those little red bows are to die for :) Derby is looking quite spiffy too!

  2. Ms Barbara did a great job with them Julep looks adorable with her little red bows and Derby is mighty dashing in his bow tie.

  3. I so wish that Louis could attend Coventry! What fun :) I like their daily "schedule" and the westies sure look mighty fine after their grooming!