Monday, May 23, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz Today ...

 Today while I was getting my nails done the Dr. Oz show was on.  To my surprise Dr. Oz brought on a vet to talk about the dental health of dogs.  Seems Dr. Oz never thought about taking care of his dogs teeth by brushing them.   
 Taking care of your pets teeth can save you money and add years to your pets life.  There are three things you can do to help your pets maintain good dental hygiene ... {1} add a dental cleaner to their drinking water {2} give your pet a dental chew that has an enzymatic cleaner on it {3} brush your pets teeth everyday.
The above photo's are of Julep after I finished brushing her teeth.
Every morning they get a dental chew after breakfast - they think it's a treat.
 Now all I need to be more diligent in daily brushing.
 Derby teeth are brushed ... they want to get far, far away from the lady that has the tooth brush.
Run ... Derby ... Run
 Beautiful storm clouds tonight ... so we came out to take photo's.

Reflection ... of clouds on the pool.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the clouds. I saw that Dr. Oz show also. I wonder why dogs need to have their teeth brushed? It must be because they don't eat like the wild animals, who of course NEVER get their teeth brushed..LOL