Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deer Sighting

 While sitting at the dining room table working on the computer I spotted a deer ever so close to the deck.  I quietly got up and grabbed my camera and took the photo {below} from inside the house.  Then the westies noticed what was outside munching on leaves and all hell broke lose!
 Bambi set the wheels {or should I say paws} in full motion!
 Protecting us from the deer.

 The tail of 'on alert'!
 Looking up at the locus tree between taking westie pictures.
 Julep: After Bath
 Derby: After Bath ~ Brushed & Blown Dry

 What kids do on a hot day.
 I'm guessing the motor doesn't work since they've been padding up and down checking the crab line for hours.


  1. wow that deer did get close to the deck. Derby sure is a brave one going out there to defend his territory :)

  2. BOL - I bet they watched for quite a while hoping it would come back...


  3. That was a great photo moment. Too bad the doggies scared him away.