Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Did This Escape The Westies?

What Am I Suppose To Be Looking At? 
I'm still wondering how Julep and Derby didn't see the Blue Heron on top of the rose arch.
 Derby doesn't see it either!
 What is Mommy Katie taking pictures of Derby?
 Julep and Derby are still 'fixed' on Mrs. Turtle who came out from under the deck this afternoon while I was out shopping.  Wilson said they went nuts trying to get out into the yard to get a good sniff or two of Mrs. Turtle.  He finally had to bring them inside to calm them down.  All this over a turtle, go figure!
 What a sight to see!  
I happen to be walking in the living room when I looked out to the water and saw this heron resting ever so nicely on the top of our rose arbor.  This is a first!
 I took several snap shots through the window before I slowly opened the door, let the westies out, and stepped out onto the deck.  The westies  didn't see the heron ... why you ask ... because they were still searching for the turtle that crossed through the yard hours ago.  Westies don't forget!
I called Wilson on the phone because he couldn't see this from his office.  Quietly he came into the house but the heron heard the front door close and he flew away ... and that is today's story from Nature's Way on the eastern shore of Maryland.


  1. What beautiful pictures you captured!! We used to have herons and egrets visit quite frequently when I lived in Florida, but we don't get any around here. How elegant they are! AND...that the westies completely missed them is amazing. Turtles are so slow...whatever could Mrs. Turtle be doing to entertain them?

  2. wonderful pictures. It always surprises me the things that Duke doesn't notice out in the yard.

    thanks for the info on yesterdays post. Duke is feeling much better today, almost his old self again

  3. Those are awesome pictures!! Ha, ha, on the Westies missing something.